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Head Lamp

High Beam, Low Beam, Day Running Light

The headlamp combines high beam, low beam, Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) and turn indicator. High beam and low beam could both adopt MBI6671 which features:
      1. Simple and flexible circuit design
      2. Support BOOST, BUCK, BUCK-BOOST and SEPIC
      3. External MOSFET for flexible component selection/heat dissipation and driving higher output power

The DRL application can use MBI1841, which contains 8 linear channels. For each channel, the maximum current can be up to 150mA. Also, in order to decrease the cost of manpower for the driver board design, it has built-in multiple rolling patterns that do not require any additional coding, yet still achieve effects by setting up external resistors.

● LED Open/Short Circuit Protection
The protection helps to detect LED problems before the shipment and reduce the recall cost.

● High Efficiency
Also, MBI1841 can support up to high efficient parallel LED connections and quick altering DRL and position lamp brightness level. When it comes to turn indicators, MBI1841 represents a high efficiency (>80%) linear solution and has built-in patterns that allow speedy hardware settings. It helps decrease the complexity of circuit design.

● Pass AEC-Q100
AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certified.

Head Lamp Recommended Driver ICs

  • Product No.
    Max. Output Current per Channel
    Supply Voltage
    More Details
  • MBI1841Q
  • MBI6671Q