MBI1841Q ∣ Automotive Linear Regulator LED Driver IC ∣ AEC-Q100 ∣ Automotive Lighting ∣ Macroblock



High Efficient 8-Channel Constant Current LED Driver

MBI1841Q contains 2 major blocks, 1st block dynamically provides a constant voltage for the 2nd block linear circuit to operate with a better efficiency. The 1st block DCDC can support buck control to enhance efficiency performance.

MBI1841Q provides 8-channel constant current sinks with current skew <±5%. Users may adjust the output current from 10mA to 150mA through RSTOP external resistor, which gives users flexibility in controlling the light intensity of LEDs for automotive lighting applications. In addition, users can program TAIL current by setting the duty cycle LED brightness from 5% to 80% with one external resistor RTAIL. And TURN light total sequence time can be programmed with one external resistor RSEQTIME. Besides, MBI1841Q can support max. 24 channels current sink with parallel or sequential LED control though SEQOUT pin.

MBI1841Q contains protection for both HV buck converter and LED current sink. Buck converter has Soft-Start, input current limit, Output OVP, and output short with latch off. LED current sink has LED open latch off and over current limit. To provide better thermal protection ability, MBI1841Q contains thermal fold-back and thermal shutdown function. MBI1841Q also features LED Open/Short/Thermal shutdown error report through DIAG pin.

MBI1841Q is available in a QFN48 pin package with exposed pad, which may help to enhance the power dissipation. As a result, a large amount of current can be handled safely in one package.

MBI1841Q Specification

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  • 02
    Max. Output Current per Channel
  • 03
    Max. Sustaining Voltage
  • 04
    Supply Voltage
  • 05
  • 06
    Dimming Method
    Built-in Pattern
  • 07
    Protection-LED Open/Short
  • 08
  • 09
  • 10
    Protection - UVLO
  • 11
    Protection - OCP
  • 12
    Soft Start-up
  • 13
    RoHS Compliant Package
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    Major Applications
    Emblem Light/ DRL / Fog light / Interior Light /Rear Light