XR, Virtual Produciton Display ∣ LED Display ∣ Macroblock


XR, Virtual Production

An LED backdrop offers a number of advantages compared with a green screen. Along with being virtually indistinguishable from reality, an LED backdrop offers better lighting compared with a green screen and is easier for the actors to “get into” the scene.

Because the background can be filmed along with the main action, the costs of adding those effects in later can be mostly eliminated. It also does away with the need to guess where set elements will be filled in on the green screen, and features such as lighting or layout can be changed quickly.

Although creating the LED backdrop does involve a significant up-front investment, much of that is offset by not having to locations and to build sets. And of course, it can always be used as a green screen if needed.


XR, Virtual Production Recommended Driver ICs

  • Product No.
    No. of Output Channel
    Sustaining Output Voltage
    Output Current per Channel
    More Details
  • MBI5264
  • MBI5762 (Patented)