Automotive Lighting ∣ DC/DC ∣ Macroblock


Automotive Lighting

● Reliability→LED Driver should guarantee the system reliability, not itself alone.
1. Techniques of failure protection including open/short-circuit, LED over current, over-temperature, and thermal fold back.
2. Extend protection over power system failure to production failure.

● EMI→ Driver IC should alleviate the complexity of EMI solution.
1. Chip level EMI suppression techniques.
2. System level EMI simulation & reference design service

● Thermal→ Thermal management is always critical.
1. Enhanced efficiency by improving circuit design, converter topology, and process parameters.
2. Design tools to precisely forecast power loss on major components

● AEC-Q100
AEC-Q100 Grade 1 certified

Automotive Lighting Recommended Driver ICs

  • Product No.
    Max. Output Current per Channel
    RoHS Compliant Package
    More Details
  • MBI6657
  • MBI6671
  • MBI6673