MBI6673 ∣ DC/DC LED Driver IC ∣ Automotive, Stage Lighting, Wall Washer ∣ Macroblock



Single inductor multi-output (SIMO) high power step down LED driver IC

MBI6673 is constant current step-down LED driver IC which drives N-MOS, and besides, it could control individually red, green, blue and white LED dimming with SIMO configuration. Because MBI6673 is controller, by choosing the type of N-MOSFET, the fixtures could easily drive 3A or even more than 3A current loading. In addition, with low current sensing reference voltage, 100mV, it could help customers to set up wide output current range based on application scope.

Through hysteretic pulse frequency modulation, users can design MBI6673 application circuit without external components and MBI6673 has fast transient response. When it comes to current sensing accuracy, MBI6673 could achieve high current accuracy with peak current detection. With respect to dimming resolution, MBI6673 could provide great dimming linearity and 12-bit resolution at 4KHz dimming frequency by shunt dimming technique, realized by external N-MOSFET connected to LED in parallel.

MBI6673 Specification

  • Items
  • 01
    Single lnductor Multi Output / PFM
  • 02
    Max. Output Current per Channel
    By External MOSFET
  • 03
    Supply Voltage
  • 04
    Dimming Method
    Shunt Dimming
  • 05
    Protection - LED Open
  • 06
    Protection - LED Short
  • 07
    Protection - Thermal Shutdown
  • 08
    Protection - OVP
  • 09
    Protection - UVLO
  • 10
    Protection - OCP
  • 11
    RoHS Compliant Package
  • 12
    Major Applications
    High Power LED Lighting, stage light