MBI6353Q ∣ FALD LED Backlight Driver IC ∣ Passive Matrix ∣ Automotive∣Macroblock



48-Channel Low Voltage High Constant Current LED Driver with 1:4 Time-Multiplexing for Large LCD Panel Backlight

MBI6353Q is an advanced 48-channel high power constant current full-array local dimming (FALD) backlighting LED driver for large-mid LCD panel applications. The innovative architecture is designed to support up to 1:4 time-multiplexing and control up to 192 LED dimming zone applications using internal Pulse Width Modulation Dimming(P-DIM) and Analog Dimming(A-DIM) control with 12-bit color depth and extra 2-bit high luminance mode by zone to improve contrast ratio for HDR applications.

Both compulsory and real-time LED error open/short detection and protection are included during both start-up and regular operation. Besides, MBI6353Q also provides DC/DC feedback control, ghost elimination function, and over-temperature protection features.

MBI6353Q Specification

  • Items
  • 01
    No. of Output Channel
  • 02
    Output Current per Channel
  • 03
    Sustaining Output Voltage
  • 04
    Excellent Output Current Accuracy-between channels
    <±3.0% (max.)
  • 05
    Excellent Output Current Accuracy-between ICs
    <±3.0% (max.)
  • 06
  • 07
    Scan Design
    Up to 4-scan
  • 08
    Error Detection - LED Open
  • 09
    Error Detection - LED Short
  • 10
    Current Gain
  • 11
    Dimming Method
    12-bit PWM
    12-bit Hybrid
    10-bit PAM
  • 12
  • 13
    RoHS Compliant Package
    QFN-68 8X8
  • 14
    Major Applications
    HUD, Digital Cockpit Platform