Current Gain & Brightness Adjustment Module (BAM) ∣ Macroblock


Current Gain & Brightness Adjustment Module (BAM)

Brightness Adjustment Without Sacrificing Grayscale

Current Gain
Advanced LED driver IC usually came with a function of current gain. LED current can be set be the value of current gain dynamically. It can be easily control by remote software and does not suffer losing of grayscale resolution. This approach is widely considered as best way to go when it comes to implement smart brightnesscontrol system.

Brightness Adjustment Module
To achieve the best display effect, we recommend using current gain to adjust brightness, and then calibrate the register configuration and color temperature of the driver IC based on the display effect after brightness adjustment. This is to ensure that the display effect and color temperature at different brightness is consistent.When displaying content at lower grayscale levels, the human eye will be more sensitive to the screen's color temperature change because the brightness is lower. Adjusting driver IC register to keep the color temperatureof images at low grayscale levels consistent is very important.