LEDALL’s New Corporate Image Application to Unfold the Space




LEDALL’s New Corporate Image Application to Unfold the Space

Recently, LEDALL installed an LED display for corporate branding in the German stone company, Naturstein-Steinmann. Unlike most companies, Naturstein-Steinmann transformed a staircase with 3D-designed LED displays as opposed to traditional 2D corporate image walls. Moreover, when displaying a waterfall video source, the visual effect is lively and eye-catching. People walk on the stairs as if they wade in the water. Therefore, the corporate image displays bring a creative and immersive experience.

Since the installation site was a staircase, Naturstein-Steinmann used LEDALL’s GOB LED display to meet the strict requirements of waterproof, dust-proof, and anti-collision. Besides, they were serious about the selection of the main component of the LED display- the driver IC. LEDALL’s Chief Technology Officer, Uwe Kaiser said: “Macroblock has always been the most trustworthy partner. It uses TSMC’s process in IC production to bring high reliability. This time, we adopt the Hawkeye series driver ICs which feature a high refresh (3,840Hz) rate and a high grayscale (14-bit) performance. These characteristics make the waterfall more stereoscopic and without flickers when watching for a long time.”

As for corporate image applications, LED displays have an advantage of changing display content easily, making the decoration more stunning. LED displays elevate the brand image and transform the space into an interactive and immersive environment.