Macroblock's Automotive Driver ICs Turned into Real Lighting Effects at 2020 International Auto Lamp Exhibition




Macroblock's Automotive Driver ICs Turned into Real Lighting Effects at 2020 International Auto Lamp Exhibition
  • Driver ICs are used in LED daytime running lights (DRL)
  • Driver ICs are used in LED dynamic taillights

2020 International Auto Lamp Exhibition (ALE) was held on October 15th and 16th. Although Macroblock did not attend the show, Macroblock's drive ICs in LED automotive lighting and displays, including daytime running lights (DRL), position lights (PSTN), taillights, fog lights, headlights, and automotive center information displays (CID) were demonstrated by Macroblock's automotive lighting partners.

Matrix LED Headlights

Take one of the applications of pixel light source projection of matrix headlamps, popular in the market, as an example: The automotive sensor detects the object, and the LED matrix are controlled by the intelligent system to project an appropriate light to the detected object. High-density LEDs arrangement increases the difficulty of driver circuit design. Using highly integrated driver ICs easily realizes the design which LEDs and driver ICs are all on one PCB. Even in a separated PCB design of LEDs and driver ICs, the number of cables and PCB design cost may be reduced. Macroblock’s LED driver IC, MBI5353Q with the certification of automotive standard AEC-Q100 Grade 1, shows the potential to suit the application requirements.

Daytime Running Lights (DRL) / Position Lights

LED driver IC MBI6665 is compatible with both analog dimming and PWM. It also features night mode for adjusting dimming frequency and duty cycle, significantly reducing design complexity. In addition, the driver IC also provides independent voltage for MCU, so that our clients may edit DRL courtesy effects like progressively increasing and decreasing brightness. The high operating frequency of MBI6665 effectively reduces inductor size and capacitor number. Built-in MOSFET significantly shrinks PCB size, making it ideal for DRL and PSTN. It is easier to control current delicately than previous designs.

LED Local Dimming Backlight for CID

The in-car displays with high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, and HDR-level picture quality can achieve high-zone dimming effects by driving a large number of mini-LED. The design of the driver circuit for local dimming is the biggest challenge so far. Macroblock MBI5353Q not only can be applied in the design of matrix LED headlights, but it is suitable for the local dimming backlight. Compared with other static driver ICs, Macroblock's LED driver ICs are superior in high integration and scanning architecture technology, significantly reducing the amount of driver ICs, saving driver circuit costs, reducing the number of I/O ports due to the series control function, and reducing the size of the driver circuit.

Dynamic Taillights

The traditional design of dynamic taillights usually does not require multiple-pixelated design of LEDs or brightness adjustment of each LED independently. However, to increase the modern design and elegance of LED lights, the taillights or the central third brake lights are designed with strips or long and narrow shapes to become through-type taillights. If the function of independent LED control is added, the diversified effect for dynamic welcome lights can be programmed easily. With the unique welcome lighting effect, it helps car users easily find their cars even in unfamiliar parking spaces, and also deliver the trendy car design and taste of car owner.

Macroblock's LED driver ICs feature ultra-high constant current and precise dimming performance, and the corresponding LED driver ICs can be found for most automotive and display-related applications. Macroblock will launch new driver ICs that is automotive qualified per AEC-Q100 Grade 1in the coming months.