Macroblock and ROE Visual Jointly Promote the Revolution of Film and TV Industry




Macroblock and ROE Visual Jointly Promote the Revolution of Film and TV Industry
  • Figure 1. The advantage of LED display is to provide realistic reflections and delicate colors
  • Figure 2. 3D LED displays can improve the efficiency of film production

Macroblock has a long-term partnership with LED display solutions provider, ROE Visual, and has successfully brought virtual production technology into the film and TV industry. The filmmaker chose LED displays over green screens in the film studio. This 3D LED displays is equipped with Macroblock's LED driver IC MBI5252, building up a perfect studio for shooting.

The virtual production stage utilized in the shooting process was a 6 meters high, 270-degree semicircular LED backdrop complete with an 850 square meter LED ceiling, both are composed of ROE's popular products. The crew directly displayed vivid backgrounds on it to film so that to bring excellent visual results to audiences. Macroblock driver IC MBI5252 is the key player among this virtual production stage to achieve a high-quality image.

MBI5252 is a driver IC designed for LED display applications, which can accurately control the current through LED displays to ensure the brightness and uniformity of the overall image. Moreover, MBI5252 provides up to 14-bit grayscale for more color depth and a high refresh rate (3840Hz) to avoid frequency interference during shooting, allowing filmmakers to capture flicker-free and good quality images easily. In addition, MBI5252 has effectively solved the 7 common problems found in fine pitch LED displays, including ghosting effect, color shift at low grayscale, non-uniformity at low grayscale, first scan dim lines, gradient dim line, LED dead pixel, and high contrast interference.

Compared with traditional green screens, using LED displays as backdrops are virtual and realistic for filmmaking. From the perspective of film production, the utilization of 3D LED displays as a backdrop not only assists the film visual effects department to accelerate the efficiency of production but also reduce the overall cost. Moreover, to actors of science-fiction films, LED displays can create an immersive field, helping them get into characters, and actors no longer have to rely on their imagination. In addition, LED virtual environments can switch scenes freely so that eliminating the on-location shooting, and filmmakers can efficiently get scenes of deserts, canyons, forests, and anywhere in the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many film crews are unable to conduct location shooting at this stage; however, with 3D displays, crews can break through this limitation, so that the film production plan will not be affected. At present, more and more filmmakers have adopted this evolution of a technique to cope with this challenge.

Macroblock General Manager, Robert Chen says “Macroblock is so excited that LED display technology is applied in the film and TV industry, and we believe that the innovation of LED displays will bring audience incomparable experience. Macroblock will continually corporate with ROE in the future to revolutionize film and TV production.” Filmmakers also express that they are very optimistic that LED displays will replace green screens in the near future and will be widely used in film production to create better visual performance as well as improve the efficiency of film shooting. This will be a new standard in the film and television industry.

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