The First High Integration Driver IC for micro-LED and Ultra Fine-pitch LED Displays Coming Soon!




The First High Integration Driver IC for micro-LED and Ultra Fine-pitch LED Displays Coming Soon!

Macroblock announced the latest high integration drive IC- MBI5359 at the 2017 Macroclock LED display China Seminar. MBI5359 is the first driver IC that can be used for micro-LED and ultra fine-pitch LED displays. LED display manufacturers can achieve P0.6 LED display production and breakthrough present technical bottlenecks and limitations by adopting MBI5359. 

Indoor fine pitch LED display has been growing steadily since 2012. The pixel pitch of standard product changes from P3.0 to P1.25 quickly. However the mass production of P1.0 LED display is still a challenge for all manufacturers. MBI5359 features high integration (combines driver IC and MOSFETs into one package) and controls 512 pixels by only one driver IC. Take a P0.9 module as an example, there is more space for PCB layout as a result of using MBI5359 (Fig. 1). Also, the modular layout to simplify PCB design (Fig. 2) helps heat dissipation and reduces PCB layout mistakes. Most importantly, this will accelerate product launch timeline.

In the beginning of mass production of ultra fine-pitch (P<1.0) LED displays, low reliability is unavoidable. Therefore, the two product features of MBI5359 can improve product quality. 1. LED failure prediction. After LED displays implement aging, the LED failure prediction function can feedback the locations of high-risk failure pixels. Manufacturers can repair or replace high-risk failure pixels before shipment and reduce customer’ complaints after installation. 2. Dead pixel isolation. If the operating LED displays have LED open circuit or LED short circuit problems, this function can isolate the dead pixels and decrease the bad influence on visual performance (ex. cross, caterpillar).

Besides, MBI5359 can provide better image quality. MBI5359 can not only achieve the “True 16-bit” visual performance  that is difficult for fine pitch LED displays, but also enrich the grayscale levels of display images. Compared with other PWM solutions, MBI5359 equips with the “high refresh rate at low gray scale levels” that makes display images more stable without flickers as shooting with smart phones as compared to other manufacturer’s driver IC solutions.
(Fig. 3)

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