Spreading Gospel and Hope at




Spreading Gospel and Hope at

Thousands of people gathered to celebrate and sing the praises of Jesus Gospel. Singers who sung the poetry lively brought audiences mood up, and everyone felt the pleasure frame of mind. 

This event was held in the "GBI (Gereja Bethel Indonesia) church – Jakarta’s Praise Revival for Jesus, MGK mall" which is the second largest Christian Church in Asia. In front of the stage, there is a large LED display that is 16.2 meters high by 4.4 meters wide. On the right and left sides of the stage, there are two LED displays (5.2 meters high by 3.0 meters wide each). Through the LED displays, the motion and facial expression of speakers and performers can be seen very distinctly. In addition, the LED displays also bring all believers into the great joyful atmosphere.

 “Those three LED displays can make good interaction with all believers, and therefore, the image quality requirements are strict. We focus on the fine pitch 2.9 LED display, and especially on visual performances of low grayscale. LED displays make clearer image and richer color than projectors. When taking these two points into consideration, Macroblock LED display driver IC “MBI5153” becomes the best choice due to its outstanding performances,” said Rudi, the President of V2 Indonesia.

“It is Macroblock’s honor to be trusted by this international Church. That is a proof of our excellent product. MBI5153 that is applied to indoor fine-pitch LED displays can solve common problems, such as ghosting, non-uniformity images.., etc. With the shutter speed of 1/2000 second, the image does not show the black scan lines and grayscale loss. Details of dark images are extremely clear. These are the reasons why they choose to adopt MBI5153,” mentioned Robert Chen, General Manager of Macroblock.