Macroblock to drive Phoenix Metropolis Media 2016 flagship LED display




Macroblock to drive Phoenix Metropolis Media 2016 flagship LED display

In order to provide the better image quality for advertising, Phoenix Metropolis Media (Phoenix) launches a series of “LED Display Renewal Plans” in 2016. The beginning of the entire project is to renew the flagship LED display of Grand Pacific Mall in Beijing, China. As Phoenix’s long-term LED driver IC partner, Macroblock takes this great opportunity to join the exciting project. 

Phoenix’s VP, XiaoDong Wang mentions: “2016 is the revolution year of LED display. In terms of the most influential outdoor media platform, we provide services of creativity and keep thinking how to elevate advertisement value and influence in a technical way. Different from general media platforms, LED displays require high chromatic intensity. Besides, we also need to take ambient light into consideration. It is necessary for LED displays to adjust brightness for daytime or nighttime use. Otherwise, it would cause the light pollution problems. However, when adjusting brightness, it is easy to lose chromatic intensity. This is the challenge that Phoenix confronts. By cooperating with Macroblock, we solve the annoying problem. The new flagship LED display upgrades capability of brightness adjustment and color performance, and then brings power and beauty of 4K display. 

“The smart brightness function is always what Macroblock wants to promote in outdoor LED display area.” Macroblock General Manager, Robert Chen says. “Visual influence brought by LED displays cannot be replaced by other media platforms. The LED driver IC is like the heart of LED display to drive electrical current to lit up LED displays. Phoenix adopts MBI5043 ICs that feature with high refresh rate to assure their LED displays can play high quality images without any flicker. Besides, the ghosting-free feature is essential to advertising use. While broadcasting dynamic images, audiences can see every movement clearly, such as the car is moving at high speed. With display technology progress, users may adjust the LED display brightness by smart brightness adjustment function based on the ambient light levels. This function allows LED displays become city landscape and grab audiences’ attention effectively without the annoying light pollution problem.”

Nevertheless, because of the rise of environmental awareness, all Macroblock driver ICs can use 4.2V supply voltages to decrease power consumption (reduced 16% power consumption, compared to traditional solutions). 

There is another highlight of these two companies’ cooperation. Macroblock shares Phoenix’s milestone by placing an advertisement on the flagship LED display. In this advertisement, you could see Macroblock has new product series “Hawkeye”. The spirit of Hawkeye is to build perfect user experience. We also look forward to next big jumps of LED display industry by Hawkeye series.