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Conducive Work Environment

Macroblock faithfully believes that the primary mission for a company is that the employees work with mind assured, show their talents at work and achieve growth continuously. By setting different main axis every year, it finds out the operation bottleneck and the greatest challenge of the Company. The annual activities and internal competitions are extended from the main axis. Through systematic operation and consensus building, it achieves the annual goals in practice. It allows the employees to feel sense of participation and make greater contributions practically.

  1. Various employee welfare, further-study, training and retirement systems and the implementation status, as well as the labor-management agreements and the situation of various measures to maintain staff rights and benefits                                                      

  (1) Staff welfare measures

         A. Corporate welfare:                  

It conforms to the Labor Standards Act and the related laws and regulations. Moreover, it plans the group insurance for the employees to make up the labor insurance, to provide comprehensive guarantees and welfares. Moreover, it provides the staff health check-ups, holds regular banquets and department activities to improve the fellowship.

To recruit and reward excellent talents, improve the staff cohesion, the Company sets up “Staff Welfare Trust Plan Committee” and appropriates the bonus equivalent to the staff contribution to purchase the shares of the Company, which is expected to create outstanding performance together with the employees.

         B. Labor welfare:                                                 

Various welfare measures are organized and held, including the domestic/overseas travel, authorized stores, staff’s birthday party, year-end banquet, cash gift for festivals, maternity allowance, emergency relief aids, subsidiaries for wedding and funeral, from which the employees can feel the love and care of the Company.                                                           

  (2)Further-study and training system:

The Company formulates the training regulations and makes the annual training plan, so as to provide complete training and further-study channels for the employees. Moreover, it constructs the e-learning system, so the employees may study in a more diverse and convenient way. It actively plans the training and strengthens the management skills for reserve leaders at each level. It lays more importance on the mental level-up of the employees and advocates spiritual sharing courses, so as to achieve physical and psychological health of the employees.

  (3)Retirement system:

The Company stipulates the labor retirement regulations and sets aside 2% of the actuarial result as the pension reserve, which is deposited in the pension account of Bank of Taiwan. In addition, since the new retirement system implemented on July 1, 2005, it sets aside 6% to the labor pension account of Bureau of Labor Insurance as required by the Labor Pension Statutes.                                                       

  (4)Labor-management agreements and the situation of various measures to maintain staff rights and benefits:

To guarantee the labor-management rights and benefits, coordinate the labor-management relationship, the Company is dedicated to improve the labor-management harmony. Moreover, it holds the labor-management related administration meeting regularly, which is considered as the communication channel between the Company and the employees. Therefore, the labor-management relationship is harmonious all the time, and no major dispute occurs.                                                      

  (5) Protection measure for health workplace and staff safety:

The Company is engaged in IC design and located in the office building of Der-An Science-Based Industrial Park. The production and manufacturing is outsourced, so it has no direct personnel and operation factory.

  1. Environmental safety –

    a. It collaborates with Building Management Committee to test and maintain the firefighting safety facilities regularly, and perform maintenance for various public facilities and carry out total smoking ban in the building as required by governmental laws and regulations.

    b. It regularly cleans and sterilizes the office on a quarterly basis so as to guarantee the safety and comfortable workplace.  



  2. Door access safety – Besides the security guard of the building, it sets up the security managements for nights and vacations to provide more comprehensive measure, so as to guarantee the safety protection of the Company.
  3. Fire safety- Complete firefighting system is set up as required by the Fire Services Act.
  4. Staff health care- Periodical health checkup for the employees is paid by the Company. 
  5. Mental health – Training: The mental lectures are held every week, and the outdoor hiking activities are organized regularly to value the physical and mental health of the employees, and assist them in stress relief and relaxation.
  6. The Company highly values the safety protection measure of the workplace and the life safety of the employees. For the project contracting operation, it formulates the safety regulations, making the operation conform to the operation procedures. This can facilitate achieving the goal of zero risk in construction from the construction application of the contractor, safety and health training course for the contractor, sign-in sheet of the safety and health training course, and occupational safety hazards notification and penalties. Moreover, for the environment with special requirements, it formulates the related regulations such as the grounding device in the laboratory, which can protect the personnel from electric shock, prevent the static electricity breeze generated by the machines and achieve lightning protection. The oxygen content tester added in the warehouse can achieve the nitrogen leakage, so as to provide a safe workplace without potential risk.