Consumer Electronics RGB LED Lighting ∣ Amuse LED Driver ∣ Macroblock


Consumer Electronics RGB LED Lighting

Gaming keyboard, Home appliance, MIDI controller, IoT device

● Matrix LED Driver
With Row-Column sharing design, the driver IC can be setup in parallel configuration to control up to 400 RGB pixels, or 1200 LEDs (5 ICs in parallel, total of 60 channels and 20 scans)

● SPI or I2C Interface
Selectable for different design requirements.

● EMI Reduction
The EMI reduction methods include channel output shift, PWM forward and backward counting, output slew rate control and PWM enhancement.

● LED Open/Short Error Detection
This function could benefit manufactures to inspect products and fix the problems before shipments. Therefore, it can reduce the rework cost for both users and makers.

● Low Power Consumption
Dynamic power saving feature lowers power consumption during device operation and brings a better user experience.

● Compact IC Package
With a high integration design, it can simplify the PCB layout.

Consumer Electronics RGB LED Lighting Recommended Driver ICs

  • Product No.
    No. of Output Channel
    Control Interface
    Embedded MOSFET
    More Details
  • MBIA045
  • MBIA128