Street Light ∣ DC/DC ∣ Macroblock


● 60V High-Voltage Process
It benefits to support high power design, high voltage power supply and avoid voltage drop through long power line. It also guarantees the street light with a high brightness performance.

● Thermal Fold-Back
The LED driver IC providing thermal foldback function coupled with the thermistor should have the capability to resolve the self-heating issue of the thermistor. In addition, the most important capability is the adjustability of the thermal foldback curve which include output current break point temperature (TFB) and cut-off temperature (T Cut-off) capable of arbitrarily adjusting the thermal foldback function with circuit design.

● PWM Dimming
Provide a better light performance.

Street Light Recommended Driver ICs

  • Product No.
    Max. Sustaining Voltage
    Max. Output Current per Channel
    More Details
  • MBI6661
  • MBI6662
  • MBI6663