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Outdoor Advertising,
Public Information Display

● Brightness Adjustment
For the outdoor advertising LED displays, the function of brightness adjustment would be able to show the nature characteristic of high brightness of LED displays, also avoid the photo pollution during the night time. Besides, the function of brightness adjustment would provide the user keep the gray scale when tuning the brightness.

*Current Gain
For outdoor advertising LED displays, there are no need to increase the current by choosing the high usage LED driver to keep the same brightness which is good for the LED life time and saving the cost of the power supply.

● Intelligent Power-Saving
To save power, the first generation "Dynamic Power-Saving" function will switch off the analog circuit in an IC area that is all black while retaining the digital circuits. However, a display does not often have many full black screens when in use, which makes power-saving very limited. Thus, Macroblock is introducing the "Dynamic+ Power-Saving" function that can be applied to more displays.
The "Dynamic+ Power-Saving" function can be activated even when the IC area does not have a full black screen. Even in low grayscale situations, part of the analog circuit can be switched off to achieve advanced power-saving performance. Compared to the original "Dynamic Power-Saving" function, the "Dynamic+ Power- Saving" is the next step in power-saving.

Outdoor Advertising, Public Information Display Recommended Driver ICs

  • Product No.
    No. of Output Channel
    Sustaining Output Voltage
    Output Current per Channel
    More Details
  • MBI5251
  • MBI5124
  • MBI5043