About Macroblock


  • Innovative Design

    Macroblock is dedicated to providing mixed-signal ICs and solutions for opto-electronic applications. We identify suitable components in the variety of opto-electronic devices to focus on in our technology development.

    We explore the component’s performance, ease of use, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and design flexibility. Given the importance of LED lighting and backlighting as well as understanding the need for efficient power saving features in LEDs, Macroblock acts quickly to explore the LED market’s potential.

  • Technology for High Performance

    Circuit design techniques are tantamount in the development of opto-electronics because how well a circuit is designed directly affects the performance of an IC. At Macroblock, we focus on refining an IC’s accuracy, uniformity, consistency, and response time through improving our design methodology and our circuit efficiency.

    Technology for Ease of Use

    A good IC is characterized by its ease of use. When designing an IC, our primary focus is to meet our client’s requirements and after analyzing its application needs, we can then determine the application cost. When comes to cost, we do our best at lowering it by improving our existing ICs so that they perform better but with little cost increase.

  • Technology for High Reliability

    Opto-electronic ICs are mostly used for opto-electronic devices. The IC needs to be durable and reliable enough for the electronic device to have a long life span. As the manufacturing of a reliable IC begins with circuit design, we have adopted ESD and Latch-up design techniques to design ICs with greater reliability. Following the circuit design is the foundry process which we execute every step from foundry to packaging with caution to make sure the IC meets ours and our clients’ standards. In addition, we conduct in-house burn-in tests and test the IC in varying conditions to ensure it can withstand the different environments in real life applications.

  • Technology for Cost-Effectiveness

    Using the state-of-the-art foundry process, we can deliver products at competitive pricing while keeping our supply stable and our delivery time efficient.

  • Technology for Flexibility

    We utilize modular design methodology to reuse the existing design. The new design inherits the performance and reliability of the previous design. This methodology provides a quick turn-around and the flexibility to meet the market demand and to ensure customer satisfaction as well as reliable product performance.