Macroblock’s Inaugural Participation at Infocomm China 2018 Reveals the Cutting Edge Technology of LED Driver ICs




Macroblock’s Inaugural Participation at Infocomm China 2018 Reveals the Cutting Edge Technology of LED Driver ICs
  • Table1: Hawkeye 100/200/300 Selection Guide

   Infocomm China (IFC) 2018 commences today. As the largest event for the audiovisual (AV) industry in China, various global solutions and top technology companies have congregated at this 3-day event. Among the exhibitors is Macroblock, featuring our latest LED driver ICs with cutting edge technology.
Figure 1. Live at Macroblock Booth 

For this exhibition, the word ‘diamond’ in our theme—“Discovering Your Diamond”—is referring to our state of the art driver IC, MBI5359. Our theme echoes the spirit that drives the direction Macroblock is heading towards to that is to become the leading LED player through continuous innovation and the provision of professional customer service.

   At our booth, we share with visitors on ways to identify a good quality LED display as well as how the LED driver IC selection process can influence the image quality and system reliability of an LED display. Besides our Hawkeye series solution featuring, we also showcase the most interested ultra-fine-pitch display: a tile is featured with mini-LED technology.

Hawkeye 100】Solve 7 Challenges_Figure 2
Of late, fine-pitch LED displays are becoming increasingly popular for indoor and/or outdoor applications. Macroblock demonstrates how Hawkeye solutions can effectively solve the problems commonly seen in fine-pitch displays such as ghosting effect, grayscale performance, dim lines at first scan lines, bright lines caused by LED dead pixels, color shift at low brightness, and high contrast interference. With the comparison between MBI5124 and Hawkeye 100 (MBI5153 combined with MBI5947), visitors can understand instantly how the aforementioned image problems can be resolved by using Macroblock’s LED driver ICs accompany MOSFETs, also known as the Hakweye Solution Platform.

Hawkeye 200】Dynamic Power-Saving_Figure 3
  The Dynamic Power-Saving feature is specifically designed for LED displays that operate for a prolonged period of time with “mostly black” images being displayed. MBI5353 is Macroblock’s first 48-Channel IC with features that not only include a wide grayscale (14-bit greyscale) and a high refresh rate (3840Hz), but also with a Dynamic Power-Saving feature that is valued by many customers due to significant saved power when showing black images or video contents. At our booth, we illustrate this benefits using our Hawkeye 200 (MBI5353 combined with MBI5947) by displaying a picture of a shining diamond against a black background on two different LED display cabinets, and without a doubt, the display cabinet with the Dynamic Power-Saving enabled saves 25 percent more on power than the display cabinet with the Dynamic Power-Saving disabled.

Hawkeye 300True 16-Bit By MBI5359 With HDR Luminance Enhancement Technology_Figure 4
  Macroblock is in the forefront when comes to defining the next leading trend in the ever-advancing LED technology. Introducing our newest HDR-ready driver IC, MBI5359 is a highly integrated driver IC with 48-channels and supports 32 scan. At IFC 2018, Macroblock showcases for the very first time our true 16-bit grayscale image using a controller equipped with a HDR luminance enhancement technology that is sponsored by Lighthouse. Visitors can visualize at a glance that the 16-bit grayscale image is smoother in the dark gradients and has more details than the 14-bit grayscale image. Apart from these features, MBI5359 has both the Dynamic Power-Saving function and the Dynamic+ Power-Saving function. Depending on the grayscale level of the displayed contents, Dynamic+ Power-Saving can reduce power consumption of up to 10% when displaying still images or motion pictures. When these two power-saving modes are operating concurrently, power consumption can be further reduced by up to 10% when displaying still images or motion pictures. When the LED screen is on standby mode when displaying still images or videos with all black (zero grayscale level) contents, power consumption can be reduced to up to 75%.

LED Failure Detection & Prediction   
  As pixel pitch gets smaller, finding dead LED pixels in millions of LEDs on a LED display can be a painful process. MBI5359 is specifically designed to overcome this challenge with its LED error detection feature (i.e. detecting LED open/LED short/pixel short) and LED failure prediction feature that identifies failing LEDs in advance. This allows manufacturers and users to monitor their LED health and status in real time, and enhance the LED display quality and reliability effectively.

Mini-LED Ready (Pixel Pitch:0.75mm)_Figure 5
    The most popular topic over the past few years is none other than micro-LED/mini-LED. At this event, Macroblock exhibits its latest 300mmx300mm seamless mini-LED (pixel pitch=0.75mm) cabinet operating using MBI5359 as MBI5359 is the first LED driver IC suitable for ultra-fine pitch, mini-LED, and micro-LED display solutions. As of now, the use of MBI5359 can implement LED display pixel pitch as small as 0.55mm.
Table1: Hawkeye 100/200/300 Selection Guide

Come visit us and learn what Hawkeye100/200/300 is all about!

Find out about our MBI5359 that drives mini-LED display with true 16-bit grayscales technology.

Date: 11-13 April 2018, 9:30am~4pm
Venue: China National Convention Center (CNCC) Beijing, China
Booth: E-EN1-01