MBI6663 is a step-down constant-current high-brightness LED driver to provide a cost-effective design solution for interior/exterior illumination applications. It is designed to deliver constant current to light up high power LED with only 5 external components. With hysteretic PFM control scheme, MBI6663 eliminates external compensation design and makes the design simple.

The output current of MBI6663 can be programmed by an external resistor and dimmed via pulse width modulation (PWM) or DC voltage through DIM pin to achieve higher efficiency linear current modulation.

MBI6663 features completed protection design to handle faulty situations. The start-up function limits the inrush current while the power is switched on. Under voltage lock out (UVLO), over temperature protection (OTP), and over current protection (OCP) guard the system to be robust and keep the driver away from being damaged which results from LED open-circuited, short-circuited and other abnormal events. MBI6663 provides thermal-enhanced SOP-8 and TO-252 packages to handle power dissipation more efficiently.

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01 Max. Sustaining Voltage 75V
02 Constant Output Current Per Channel 1A(max.)
03 Topology Buck/Hysetersis PFM
04 Supply Voltage 6~65V
05 Switch ON Resistance(Typ.) 0.3 ohm
06 Settable output current YES
07 Dimming Method Digital
08 Full Protection UVLO/Start-Up/OCP/ Thermal/ LED Open-/ LED Short- Circuit
09 Constant Output Current Invariant to Load Voltage Change YES
10 Schmitt Trigger Input N/A
11 RoHS Compliant Package TO-252 ; SOP8
12 Technology 遲滯式Hysteretic PFM控制
13 Applications 洗牆燈
14 Major Feature Digital Dimming
Thermal Shutdown
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