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MBI values and protects the rights of interested parties. We welcome opinions and advice from suppliers, customers, partners, employees, investors, and other interested parties. To communicate with us or offer suggestions, please contact us as below. We will provide you immediate help and necessary support.


Stakeholder Contact


Customer Contact

Ms.Cindy Lee                 Tel : +886-3-5790068-7707   Email: info@mblock.com.tw


Supplier Contact

Ms.Julia Chu                  Tel : +886-3-5790068-2200    Email: mbi.supplier@mblock.com.tw


Investors Contact

Mr. Robert Chen           Tel : +886-3-5790068-8888    Email: mbi.ir@mblock.com.tw

Ms. Amy Lo                    Tel : +886-3-5790068-2118    Email: mbi.ir@mblock.com.tw

Mr. Vincent.Jhao            Tel : +886-3-5790068-1750    Email: mbi.ir@mblock.com.tw

Yuanta Securities          Tel : +886-2-25865859            Address: B1.No.210.SEC.3,Chengde  Rd., Taipei 103, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Share Transfer Agent                                 


Employee Contact

Ms.Julia Chu                   Tel : +886-03-5790068-2200  Email: hr@mblock.com.tw



MBI is committed to act ethically in all aspects of our business, and will not condone any form of corruption and fraud. If you find or suspect any unethical conduct or breach of MBI's ethical standards by a MBI employee or anyone representing MBI, please contact us : mbi.public@mblock.com.tw

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