To reach high visual performance in LED display applications, Macroblock presents Scrambled-PWM (S-PWM)  technology which enhances Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) by scrambling the image into several sub-images with the same color quality. With S-PWM technology, LED driver enhances Pulse Width Modulation by scrambling the “on” time into several “on” periods. The enhancement equivalently increases the visual refresh rate. S-PWM adopts the concept of Share-I-O™ to enhance the image refresh rate. In S-PWM series, the clock signal for grayscale is sent to the chip through pin originally designated to OE. Therefore, the S-PWM series is also a drop-in enhancement of PrecisionDrive™ series.

With the patented S-PWM technology, LED drivers can provide 65,536 grayscales (16-bit color depth) for supporting image processing with high visual refresh rate. When building a 16-bit color depth video, S-PWM reduces the flickers and improves the fidelity.

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